ICASDG is a peer-reviewed annual conference on engineering, Science and Environmental Research. It publishes both theoretical and experimental high-quality papers of permanent interest, not previously published in journals, in the fields of Engineering and Science, within the scope of sustainability to achieve its goals.

Higher education… is the path to meeting the Sustainable Development Goals

Sustainable studies and research that advance education and meet its priorities by investing in available capacities and potential.

Developing the necessary capabilities in the field of sustainable development, including:

  • Highlighting the latest developments in engineering and scientific research in conjunction with sustainable development concepts.
  • Bring Researchers, Academicians, Scientists, Students, Engineers and Practitioners together to participate and present their latest research findings, developments, and applications related to the various aspects of engineering and science.
  • Stimulation and Supporting Sustainable Development Research in the Universities.
  • Supporting initiatives in engineering and scientific fields that contribute to improving business sustainability and the quality of public services for the governmental and private sectors.

First | Climate Changes

  • Improving the environment and development.
  • Addressing the causes and finding solutions.
  • Improving the agricultural impact and irrigation.
  • Addressing the problem of drought.
  • Enhancing food and water security.
  • Global warming, carbon footprint ,and harmful emissions.

Second | Renewable Energy

  • Renewable and clean energy technologies (solar energy, wind, hydropower, hydrogen fuel).
  • Energy
  • Saving solutions.
  • Reducing the use of fossil fuels.
  • Electronic sensors and remote sensing systems.

Third | Health Development and Health Indicators

  • Fighting contagious and noncontagious diseases.
  • Decrease the mortality rate of pregnant women and children under five years of age.
  • Mental Health.
  • Climate change and its impact on health.
  • Community health and ways to promote it.
  • Digital health and how to apply it.

Fourth | Governance and Good Governance for Sustainable Economic Development

  • Transparency and anti-corruption.
  • Human rights: civil, cultural, economic, political, and societal.
  • Economic development and its sustainability.
  • Rule of Law: Legislation and Application.
  • Green administrative and organizational practices.
  • Support sustainable development through clean production practices.

Fifth | Sustainable Education

  • Technology for Education.
  • Employing education for sustainable development and how to apply it.
  • Continuing Education.
  • Illiteracy: problems and solutions.